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What is a Digital Ambassador?
Digital Ambassadors are people who share the latest news and information like blog posts, events, contests, and more using social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
How do I become a Digital Ambassador?
Simply click "Become Digital Ambassadors" on the sign-up page and we'll walk you through the simple 4 step process!
Do I have to connect all my social media accounts in order to participate?
Nope! You can use any combination you would like. Of course, the more social networks you connect to, the more opportunities you will have to earn Points!
How are permissions and privacy handled?
Digital Ambassadors never have content posted to their social networks without being explicitly notified. Even if you choose to auto-post content, you have the option to opt-out of each post before it is shared.
How do I share content?
You will receive an email when we have new and exciting content to share. Each email contains a status update and link to the content we're sharing with you. Once you press the click to share button, the status update will automatically post to the social networks you selected.
How do I earn Points?
You earn Points by sharing content and generating traffic. Additionally, earn Points for recruiting your friends to join the program!
I have earned Points, how come they are not displayed on the Leaderboard?
Don't worry! Your Points are being tracked and awarded. Points are updated at midnight, so be sure to check back daily.
The website automatically uploaded my profile picture from my Facebook page, if I change my profile picture on Facebook, would it automatically change on this site as well?
Yes, any time you change your profile picture on Facebook it will update on SocialToaster's page as well.
How do Mentions using keywords work?
Mentions work by looking for a specified keyword in your text. Write your own tweet or status update using the keyword to earn Points. You can write these posts through your El Paso Digital Ambassadors account under the "Earn More Points" tab, or you can write them through your personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. You must use the current keyword at least once in order to earn Points.
How many Points do I earn for Mentions?
You earn El Paso Digital Ambassadors: 2015-08-17 Points for using the keyword on Twitter. You also earn points for retweets and likes of your Mention on Twitter.
How many times can I use the Mentions feature?
You may write as many tweets and status updates using the keyword as you'd like, but you will only receive Points for one Mention per network per day on Twitter.