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How do I get rush tickets?
Rush begins at 11 AM the day of the performance. Select the number of tickets you want to purchase and click the "Check Availability" button. More tickets may become available throughout the day if there is no availability when you first check. Rush ends 30 minutes before curtain. Tickets will be emailed.

How often can I buy rush tickets?
You are eligible for rush tickets three days after your last purchase.

How do I enter the lottery?
Select the number of tickets you want to purchase and click the "Enter" button. Performances are typically posted at 12 AM. Lottery schedules vary so click Drawing Details before you enter. 

Did I win the lottery?
Please return to this website to find out if you won. We will also send you notification of your lottery status at the email address you used to sign up. In addition, you can choose to be notified by text message. Although we will send you notifications when winners are drawn, deliverability is dependent on your email and phone. You can always return to this website at any time to view your status.

How do I claim my tickets if I win the lottery?
Winners will have five hours to complete their purchase on this website for regularly scheduled drawings. Click through the Results page of this website or your email notification or your text notification for instructions. The purchase period may vary for additional drawings. Tickets will be emailed.

Where are my ticket locations?
Seats may be located in any section of the theater. While every effort will be made to seat pairs together with a full view, there is a chance that pairs may be split up and that your seat may have a partial view of the stage. For An Enemy of the People, lottery tickets may be standing room locations.

Do you have accessible seats?
Most theaters have accessible seating for lottery winners provided that all of the accessible seats in the theater have not been sold prior to the lottery being held. If you require accessible seating, please follow your purchase instructions within the allotted time to notify the theater.

An Enemy of the People lottery tickets at Circle in the Square are in standing room locations. There are no seats in standing room.

Little Shop of Horrors at the Westside Theatre is located up a flight of steps and is not wheelchair accessible.